Solution House Buyers

We pay cash for houses and offer our private investors up to 6 times bank CD rates to fund the purchases we make each month… secured by a note, deed of trust and large cushion of equity. Besides passive income and growth on real estate notes, we also offer excellent opportunities if you’re seeking to sell or buy investment property…


Private Lending Opportunity

We offer sellers all cash to buy their property. Our offer strategy and years of experience usually allows us to offer a seller more than any other buyer.  When offers are accepted, we often fund our purchases using private investors… no banks involved.  These investors get a Note and a Deed of Trust backed by a large cushion of equity in REAL property we own.  These real estate notes pay fixed interest up to 600% higher than current bank CD or money market rates essentially making our private lenders a “profit partner” in each deal.  This can be a great way to generate growth or income on your conservative cash or retirement funds, without speculation or taking unnecessary risks… especially today.  Want to learn more? Request a free Private Lending information kit today.  Once you understand how it works and the risks involved, you can then decide if you wish to participate on the opportunities we make available to our private investors on an ongoing basis. We’ll have to get to know each other and talk first before being accepted.