Our Real Estate Services

Here at Solution HouseBuyers we focus on value added real estate transactions in the Greater San Antonio area and across the state of Texas.

What Do We Mean By “Value Added Real Estate Transactions”?

We look for distressed real estate opportunities… such as home owners who need to sell fast, landlords who are tired and need a way out of their rental properties, foreclosures, bank owned properties, and more.  With each distressed real estate opportunity comes a unique solution that helps the owner of the property reach their goals… gets us into the property at a very steep discount, and enables us to work with other investors on these deals so everyone involved reaches their goal.

Services We Provide For Property Sellers

Property sellers who need to sell fast often come to Solution HouseBuyers because we can close fast, with all cash, and with no hassle. Many home owners who need to sell fast really value the speed of the transaction over any potential extra money they *may* earn by listing it with an agent.  But as many sellers find out… listing with an agent may or may not net them more in the end… and it usually takes many many more months to close the deal.

Our service is fast, all-cash, and no hassle closings for sellers who need to sell fast. We’re able to offer this service because of our position and knowledge in the marketplace and the relationships we have with our investors / private lenders.

Services We Provide For Investment Property Buyers

We take the vast majority of the properties we purchase and offer them to other investors who want to buy and hold rental properties in the Greater San Antonio area. Because we move fast and are able to secure these properties with good discounts, we can offer these Greater San Antonio investment properties at discounts to the end investor as well.  This ensures that our investor / buyers get into properties at a fair price and can still yield a strong CAP rate on the property.

Services We Provide For Investors / Private Lenders

Private lenders / investors often come to us to partner on our transactions with us in exchange for solid returns on their investment dollars. We offer a local private lender program where those who qualify (must be an accredited investor) can work with us on real estate deals, be very very hands off, and yield strong rates of return.  Some of our private lenders are 100% passive and don’t want to do any of the work… and leave it all up to us. Some choose to be more involved.

If you’re interested in learning more about any of our services please contact us at (210) 405-5578 or shoot us an email through our Contact Form.